Welcome to Moonshadow

Long forgotten, cast aside, in the shadow of the waning moon, those exiled will rise again...
Welcome to Moonshadow! We firmly believe the most important aspect of a clan is sociability. Nobody wants to be in a chat with trolling teens, drama queens and arguments. We strive to recruit the most friendly, supportive and peaceful mature natured members we can find! We aim to maintain this quality of clan members.
Our only requirement is that you attend the citadel each week to at least complete the summoning plot.
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Moonshadow is currently home to 0 Runescapers.
Recent Optional Requests
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Player Team Skill Start Exp End Exp Remaining Exp Points Finalised?
Sub Dispute Inferno Summoning 21,341,201 22,341,201 95,696 20 Incomplete Optional
Sub Dispute Inferno Summoning 20,341,201 21,341,201 Completed 20 Points Needed
Kaeli Zephyr Defence 59,000,000 60,000,000 4,705,779 20 Incomplete Optional
Kaeli Zephyr Defence 58,000,000 59,000,000 3,705,779 20 Incomplete Optional
Kaeli Zephyr Defence 57,000,000 58,000,000 2,705,779 20 Incomplete Optional
Kaeli Zephyr Defence 56,000,000 57,000,000 1,705,779 20 Incomplete Optional
Kaeli Zephyr Defence 55,000,000 56,000,000 705,779 20 Incomplete Optional
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